Brunch at Wolf Moutain Winery

Mission Statement

Life is an experience. We are committed to creating many amazing opportunities to enhance it.

Atlanta based company spending lots of time researching really cool places to hang out and building experiences around them.

I've always been dedicated to showing hard-working women that short vacations are necessary to recoup sanity. When I worked in corporate I found pleasure in researching new cities, fun festivals and corporate escapes. I'd book trips for women at work and made them promise to go at least once every 2 months. How could they say no?

Our combined hospitality background and the love for creating exclusive experiences sparked a flame in my husband and me to create this business called Wicks and Wines.

Now we create bottle-popping tasting tours.


Taking groups of friends to wine festivals, restaurants, distilleries, tea rooms and, tasting rooms at wineries. We travel the southeastern portion of the country. (we are capable of planning a tour outside of this area} 

Transportation is included and sizes vary depending on the size of your group. From a 12 passenger limo with bar, 15 passenger van to a 55 passenger motor coach is available

-Susan Sontag

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